This spring, get out and try something new and exciting. Topgolf Swing Suite is debuting their mixed reality inspired golf simulator at Silver Legacy Resort Casino at THE ROW. No headsets needed, guests and golfers step onto the platform and hit virtual golf balls at zombies and more.

Want to take a break from the Nevada sun and move your body too? Topgolf Swing Suite is an indoor event that gamifies golf, hockey, dodgeball, and football.

Pros like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and Jason Day use Full Swing golf simulator off-course to practice their swing. Now, you can game with the tech the pros use.

Whether you’re a pro, novice, or are feeling adventurous Topgolf Swing Suite currently has up to 8 games to play on the big screen. Use a real golf club and swing it at a golf ball or pick up a dodgeball and throw it at the screen for an interactive gaming experience.

There’s no VR headset or AR glasses to wear over your eyes and face, so the games being played and props used are co-occurring in the real world and in a digital reality. When guests play at each space they can spectate, have a meal and drink, play and compete against each other in a new way.

“Eldorado Resorts and THE ROW are committed to bringing the most cutting-edge offerings to our guests and it is with great pride we welcome Topgolf Swing Suite, a global sports and entertainment community that has pioneered this unique and immersive guest experience, to Reno,” said Anthony Carano, President and Chief Operating Officer.  

“As a leading regional gaming and hospitality company, we are focused on significantly elevating the level of gaming, entertainment, spa, food and beverage amenities, and transforming the standard of guest engagement in the Heart of Reno.”

TopGolf Swing Suite isn’t just a one off experience, it has multiple game options for up to 8 people. They are: TopContender (and more games) for golfers, Baseball Pitching for baseball fans, Zombie Dodgeball for those that want to live out the game from their youth.

Guests also get to play Carnival Classic for that hometown fair vibe, Hockey Shots for hockey fans, and Quarterback Challenge for those that want to live out their dream of getting a touchdown. Whether you golf on weekends or have never thrown a ball in your life, there are games that anyone can have a good time playing.

“We are proud to team with Eldorado Resorts to provide a new kind of interactive social experience that will entertain visitors of all ages and skill levels in the heart of Reno,” said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers.

Reno is a city that’s known for its casinos, hotels, night life and entertainment. Thanks to a shift in entertainment technology, Reno’s newest addition – Topgolf Swing Suite is taking it a swing further and are providing their guests with more exciting activities than ever.

Topgolf Swing Suite will open in Spring 2019 at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino at THE ROW in Reno, Nevada.