Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome appears in commercials on sandy beaches and in rough terrain. The digital travel agency’s new Augmented Reality app adds new details to photos taken all over the world. Get your camera ready, The Roaming Gnome is now live on iOS and Android devices for free!

Do it for the Picture!

Taking pictures reminds us of fun vacations, meals, and adventures long after we’ve left them, ate them, and experienced them. Capture your awesome staycation or vacation digitally with the new Travelocity mobile app. It isn’t only for keeping memories, it’s for adding to them!

Travelers that use Travelocity’s AR app are getting 3D overlays like The Roaming Gnome, “Optional weather filters, 3D props, sound effects, geotags and photo frames add an element of fun as travelers create and share memorable vacation photos and videos.”

Photographers can now take a group photo, a selfie, or an action video and add filters, frames, props, and sound effects to them. Instagram, Facebook, and brand filters like Travelocity’s are a hot trend that looks like it will keep on growing and evolving.

Pop singer Ariana Grande has her own refractive overlay that makes fans look like a sparkling diamond. There are even AR overlays from Nike that place sweatbands with their logo on selfies that runners can use and then post to show off their best run times while also being great for marketing.

The Travelocity AR app is reimagining how their travelers customize their photos. Take a photo of your dream vacation to Hawaii and playfully add a snowy overlay. Go on a desert hike or four-wheeling excursion and take a photo with the temperature to really let your social media followers know how hot it is!

Having a Happy Hour with the gals? Add The Roaming Gnome for a cheeky cameo surrounded by lovely ladies. To use the app, “Users of the Travelocity mobile app simply point their camera phone toward the floor or flat surface”. Then they simply, “tap once to place The Roaming Gnome in a picture or video.”

Travel Season Photo Ops

Last year, USA Today reported that a record 107.3 million people would be traveling over the holidays. That’s a lot of travel time spent in familiar and unfamiliar places, which means there’ll be plenty of photo ops!

Krista McDougal, General Manager for Travelocity brand says, “At Expedia Group, we continue to experiment with mixed reality as a way to engage and inspire travelers beyond our points of sale.”

She says, “The Travelocity AR feature allows our customers to have fun with the brand throughout their travel journey, and we look forward to seeing how travelers engage with the experience and share it with friends and family.”

Take a Picture, Tag on Social, and Enter to Win!

To celebrate the launch of the Travelocity app take photos and videos with AR filters. Next, post them on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #RoamLocal and #Sweepstakes and tag @Travelocity and @RoamingGnome on Instagram through November 18.

At last, you’re entered into a drawing for a chance to win a five-night stay at Live Aqua Resorts in Cancun, Mexico!

Watch The Roaming Gnome in Augmented Reality down below!