Look down. Are you wearing some dusty, old, or well-loved and worn shoes? WANNABY has an Augmented Reality shoe app called Wanna Kicks that’s changing the way customers try on shoes outside the store and before they commit to buying them.

Demo Shoes with Wanna Kicks Mobile AR App

The AR shoe app works as a try before you buy option for those of us that don’t want to go to the nearest mall and do it there. No waiting for an attendant to notice you or tell you they don’t carry your size or color shoe.

Wanna Kicks makes it simple to use the app on iOS devices only. Sorry, Android users, this is for iPhone and iPads only. Don’t fret, it’s coming later this year! Until then, iOS users download the app and then use their phone or tablet to select a pair of casual and athletic shoes like Pumas or Vans (my personal favorites).

Select the style of shoe you want to try on and the color if there are varying types and hover over your feet. Next Reality says that there are two to four colors for most shoes, making this comparatively easier to try on than any store at the mall.

When trying on shoes users will want to take their shoes off to get the best digital shoe fitting. Wearing shoes while trying on augmented ones will make them look a tad unrealistic and won’t project the best overlay or angles.

When you try them on you can switch through different types and have your own try on session at home or anywhere there’s a mobile or internet connection. Wanna Kicks will also let you buy shoes by taking you to the shoe retailers website. This quick funnel to purchase makes it a true shoe collector or shopaholic’s app.

AR Apps, Shopping, and Trends

If being able to track and recognize feet for digital footwear purchases sounds next level, WANNABY has already created a hand and finger tracking app called Wanna Nails. This app allows users to try on nail polish without the fumes and messy cuticle clean up.

No lacquer, cotton balls, or harsh remover needed, Wanna Nails is a time saver just like the Wanna Kicks app. There’s even a Wanna Jewelry app that’s being worked on, so users can try on accessories like rings, bracelets, and the like before they spend big money on them.

Augmented Reality is a growing area as far as shopping and trying before you buy goes. There are already AR apps that will let users try on makeup, color their hair, test a new hair cut, and buy products they like in just a few clicks.

With the emergence of new AR apps filtering in with each passing quarter, will consumers be making more in-app or app adjacent purchases instead of heading to local stores? Will trying on shoes digitally influence people to try them on in store?

Everyone will have a different answer for what they’ll do. The only thing that might stand in the way of online purchases is having to try on the shoes and feeling how the fit aligns with your foot.