UNTAMED Augmented Reality toys and the UNTAMED ARena app are stomping onto the scene! WowWee is launching their new robotic toy dinosaur line and HappyGiant is unveiling their compatible UNTAMED ARena application.

The robotic Raptors and T-Rex are designed as Fingerlings, children’s toys that grasp onto fingers. Children’s toys are no longer figurines, they’ve morphed into immersive tech with mobile AR and 3D technology!


Turn a playroom, backyard, or park into a prehistoric battle arena with your favorite UNTAMED ARena T-Rex or Raptor toy. Each realistic robot dino comes with a ferocious name like Frostbite, Ghost, Scratch, or Ripsaw. They also have unique reactions (sneezes, farts, growls), head and mouth movements, and arena combat abilities.

Download the app and use your smartphone or tablet to play the game and see how each dinosaur attacks and defends. The UNTAMED ARena app has 3D toy recognition that allows more immersive AR gameplay with the robot dinosaurs and other players.  

Arena style AR apps like Pokemon Go and most recently Ghostbusters World, have been making waves in the AR industry. While Augmented Reality compatible toys are a relatively new and emerging toy concept for kids and their tech-knowledgable parents.

Merging toys and AR apps together is a brilliant way to get kids curious about augmented technology in a new way. The UNTAMED ARena app is compatible with iOS devices, free to download, and is getting an Android release soon.

Active ARena Experience

Credit to: WowWee and HappyGiant

Dino fans battle their Raptors and T-Rex in an arena against friends and dino challengers in real time. The gameplay isn’t only limited to AR, the HappyGiant app has “Full Body AR” tracking. This tracking system “reacts to players’ movements so they can dodge, jump, squat, and move around for a fun, physically active experience.”, according to their release.

WowWee and HappyGiant affirmed that “Kids can also scale down to tabletop play, where they can pet their creature, play fetch, feed them”.  Kids can “even calm them down or rile them up using direct taps and swipes.” Motion activated features like petting and shaking make dinosaurs act and react like miniature dino pets.

The UNTAMED dinosaurs don’t just move and growl, Trainers battle in the app with other Trainers and their dinos. In the app, they earn and unlock special abilities, rewards, food items, and other features to boost a dinosaur’s power in battle. Becoming a Master Creature Tamer takes training and combat matches with other players. Climb the app’s Leaderboards and keep an eye on the ranking of Rookie to Master Creature Tamers.

“It’s so exciting to see UNTAMED as an entity grow beyond the world of toys and enter the app space,” said Andrew Yanofsky, WowWee Brand Manager. “In today’s 360 entertainment world, it’s important to cover every vertical that’s dear to your audience. The app space was a natural extension for us, and we’re proud to have done so in such an innovative way.”


Currently, there’s 15 UNTAMED T-Rex and Raptors and a Jailbreak Playset available for purchase. Find the dinosaurs on the WowWee website, Amazon, or at select Walmart locations. Download the UNTAMED ARena app for free on iOS.