2019 will be a good year for consumer RT enthusiasts, and judging by ThirdEye’s new entry into the market, businesses will have a good time too. ThirdEye X2 glasses, incidentally the smallest Mixed Reality set out there, is making its debut. A superior first responder MR product, X2 runs on equally superior 5G network, with Verizon joining the speed tests.

Consumer Electronics Show is well under way, breeding partnerships as well as showcasing new tech. Running until 11 January, companies will be presenting and testing their latest and greatest, only some of which that is going to make it on the market. We are definitely rooting for ThirdEye X2 glasses to make that cut. They are created to help business side of things, most notably in remote help sphere, often in emergency situations. The leading industry magnate ThirdEye signs the product quality, while Verizon stands behind 5G network tests.

The first thing that catches the eye is just how small X2 glasses are. Truly, they are the tiniest Mixed Reality gadget on the market, while being one of the most advanced. They stand at 6oz only and are correspondingly lightweight making them an easy choice for extensive use. X2 sports a 42 degree FOV, the image spread that equals watching a 90” HD display at 10 feet distance. The proverbial 6 DoF are here, with the glasses being completely standalone and running on open source Android. Software-wise, all ThirdEye X series eyewear support the proprietary SLAM SDK for superior AR/MR app development. It is all part of ThirdEye’s cutting edge VisionEye SLAM system of environment tracking sensors.

Serving well the consumer market, it is businesses that reap the most benefit from ThirdEye X2 glasses. Situational training nonetheless, where they shine the most is in remote help data transfer, be it cases of emergency or not. Healthcare is a great example. Manufacturing and field services, too. As a matter of fact, ThirdEye App Suite is a platform that has seen a lot of usage from government and organizations alike, most of it in remote technical support. The difference with X2 now is that Verizon joins the party. In theory as well as practice, this should boost the streaming and sharing options tremendously.

If you happen to be here at CES, Las Vegas Convention Center, you could do a lot worse than look for booth #21852. Here you’ll be greeted by ThirdEye team of developers eager to bring their ThirdEye X2 glasses closer. The most eager of all Nick Cherukuri, the company founder, who will be joining fellow executives from the likes of Fox, Intel, or Hulu at the 5G and Entertainment panel today.

Mixed Reality is settling pretty nicely. As the likes of ThirdEye X2 glasses show, Mixed Reality has greater utility outside of strictly consumer framework. When the dust settles, only a handful of products presented at CES make it in the real world, and there is no doubt in our mind that X2 MR glasses are among them.