Viewing what’s happening inside VR as a person on the outside is a lot like a game of patience. You’re waiting for your turn and wish you could see all the action unfold. VR headsets like the Oculus Go have adopted mobile casting for their standalone and now ViewR by #include is bringing mobile and PC VR casting to devices. No more waiting around!

ViewR Mobile and PC VR Viewing

ViewR is a company who recognized a pain point for guests waiting patiently on the outside while those playing around in VR worlds get to have all the fun! Recently, Oculus Go announced that their users could now enjoy mobile casting to friend’s smartphones and tablets. Now, ViewR is bringing this option to more users and platforms.

The Android and PC VR compatible software are installed on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop and is used to watch real-time VR scenes. It’s been widely reported that the company has used ViewR for Beat Saber, Budget Cuts, and Superhot VR. These are action-heavy games that have fans who frequently play them and would like to share their experience.

Having a way to include friends, family, employees, and guests in VR was once a distant dream. Although epically engaging, VR had a knack for locking viewers out of shared virtual experiences. Having the option to view VR as a bystander opens up a new world of possibilities for home users but also businesses as well who don’t have Mixed Reality setups like LIV or MixCast.

VR enabled mobile phones and devices version with 4.4 KitKat minimum can use ViewR, while older devices will need a Vive Tracker. PC VR headsets like Vive and Oculus are readily compatible with the software. Currently, iOS phones and OSX are not compatible with it, but they are working on it.

#include Aims to Include Others in VR

Once a device is equipped with their Unity SDK download it will place you and up to 3 other viewers at a different perspective than the person inside VR. This helps give a bigger picture for viewers on the outside.

Adding ViewR to your devices can help VR developers, designers, gamers, educators, and businesses with showing off their projects, materials, games, and experiences. It can also be helpful for doctors, therapists, and other health and medical personnel get more insight into what their patients are seeing.

Venture Beat reporter Dean Takahashi spoke with Chang-Yi Yao, #include’s CEO to detail why ViewR is so helpful to VR users. “Seeing what the player is seeing through a computer screen or TV does not give you the spatial information required for the full picture that an observer needs to fully appreciate VR.” the head of ViewR states.

Later following up with, “We want ViewR to be everyone’s pocket portal into virtual reality; the instant interface between you and the virtual world”.

Having ViewR saves time and money from setting up a Mixed Reality rig, compatible camera, or a green screen, which many home users simply cannot afford. For businesses that can afford it, ViewR serves as another option to include and connect guests on the outside to VR if a projector screen is unavailable or a group doesn’t want to huddle around a computer or wait for a video to be posted.