It was only a matter of time for NHL fans to enjoy fully realized Virtual Reality live experience. NextVR is not settling with the existing portfolio and partners up with National Hockey League to deliver the exclusive Virtual Reality NHL footage. A leader in sports live VR broadcast, the company now extends its offer to include almost all major sporting events in US.

Not to downplay today’s news, but it is about time Hockey fans received NextVR treatment. It seems ages that the company has been around, perfecting their VR platform with higher resolution, camera placement, and overall ‘feeling’ of being on the spot. Courtesy of the court enclosure, one might argue that Hockey is the perfect sport to get VR-ed, and it is only now we are getting the coverage. Better late than never, we say, and specially when the coverage is this sublime. You can check out details from 2019 Honda All-Star Game at NHL channel to see what is coming for 2019 season.

Leaders in VR broadcasting hands down, NextVR does have a history of late inclusions. It is only recently they whitelisted Oculus Rift and Go for their broadcasts. Not the case if you ask NextVR VP of content Danny Keens. He is of mind that ‘there couldn’t be a better time to add the NHL to our growing portfolio of content partnerships’. He added that the ‘NHL fans are passionate and always on the lookout for more action and adrenaline. This partnership’, Keens concludes, ‘will give them sensations that only fans at the arena have been able to experience so far’. Virtual Reality NHL gets the same treatment that the likes of NBA have enjoyed – 3D stereoscopic VR footage capture – but it is unclear whether this means filming live events in near future or highlight reel only. Most likely the latter.

The other side sounds equally pleased with Virtual Reality NHL solution. ’Not every fan can experience our marquee events in person’, says Chris Golier, NHL VR of Business development. ‘Next VR’ immersive content will bring fans closer to the on-the-ice action than ever before and make them feel like they are at a live NHL game’. The NHL joins a slew of sports and broadcast organizations VR-covered by NextVR such as the NBA, WWE, Live Nation, and FOX Sports.  

‘The VR industry continues to gain momentum’ Keens submits, with his company much to do with it on the entertainment side of things. He also makes a passing mention of ‘a blockbuster holiday shopping season’, during which presumably more people than ever got hold of their VR headset and will be able to enjoy Virtual Reality NHL experience. They will be able to witness the most engaging moments of ‘marquee events’, like goals, big moments, and fan excitement. Available on most existing Virtual Reality headsets. Yes, Oculus Rift included.