VR technology is shaping how we exercise and keep our heart, body, and mind healthy! Both companies, Blue Goji (not a berry, but the treadmill) and HOLOFIT fitness machines use virtual reality headsets to help their users walk, ride, and row through VR games. This week, we’ve got a fitness update for you to stay current on what’s changing for them.

Blue Goji – Infinity

The Blue Goji Infinity is a slatted treadmill that uses VR headsets to transform games into physical workouts. Their treadmill corresponds with a VR game like “Gowings Safari” as users stroll, walk, and run. This is perfect for building endurance and cardio fitness through active gaming, while also being helpful for athletic training and even rehab.

There’s nothing boring about this treadmill. It works with Oculus and Vive, as well as 2D games. Those that use it can do so safely with a belt sensor system. There’s no directional change like with omnidirectional treadmills (ODTs), only forward momentum here.

Recently, Blue Goji finished a residency at the Jordan Flight Lab in Los Angeles at the Jordan store. Just last week they announced that they’ll be returning back to SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas from March 10th to the 13th.

In a statement they invite “Anyone with serious interest in the machine is invited to attend the show and have a private demo of the entire VR esport experience.”

They’ll also be attending IHRSA in San Diego, California from March 14th to the 15th alongside Woodway, their manufacturer. They also invite guests to schedule and visit their exhibition to try out the treadmill for themselves.


Image credit to: HOLODIA

Bikes, rowing machines, and elliptical trainers — HOLOFIT by HOLODIA has VR fitness machines and games covered. Towards the end of last year, HOLOFIT released a fitness app, new game modes, and other gaming and fitness incentives to entice you to beg your local gym to start carrying their machines.

Just this week HOLODIA is introducing a new HOLOWORLD called CYBERPUNK to their playlist of VR fitness games. The new world takes you through an exercise course that resembles The Fifth Element or Bladerunner movies.

They’re also introducing a wider range of compatible cardio and fitness machines by Technogym, Matrix, Body bike, Concept2, Water Rower, Life Fitness, and Startrac!

There are also new headsets that pair up with them too! They are the Vive, Vive Pro, Samsung Odyssey, Oculus Rift, Lenovo Explorer, and the Acer Windows MR headset.

The level of connectivity to their fitness machines just had a major boost with FTMS Bluetooth, so you can game and exercise and connect to HOLOFIT without extra wires. Perfect for pairing with their app and getting your sweat on with.