Happy Friday VR gamers! Welcome back to Reality Technologies for our Weekly Games Spotlight. This week we’ve got 4 Full Release VR Games and 2 Early Access VR Games for you to play.

There’s a second VR game from Holopoint, a virtual art exhibit, a puzzle game with marbles, a cute shooter, and two action-packed games. Enjoy!

Full Release VR Games

Holopoint: Chronicle

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Alzan Studios LLC

February 1, 2019

Fling arrows as you would in the first version of Holopoint, except in Holopoint: Chronicle you’re on an island. Pull back the bow and let the arrows fly. Hit polygonal targets and waves of hologram foes. Attacks will be coming from many directions so there’s plenty of movement and is scorching as far as activity goes. The game’s Steam page reminds players to take breaks and breathe every now and then. Maybe grab an inhaler too.

Holopoint: Chronicle (Follow the link for price.)


Image credit to: DNA Studios and
Radio Télévision Suisse

Oculus Rift

DNA Studios

Radio Télévision Suisse

January 30, 2019

Artists and those that appreciate it will want to step into 3 works of art. Over the course of 3 episodes — Isle of the Dead by Böcklin, Intimacies by Vallotton, and The Night, Landscapes & The Woodcutter by Hodler — viewers will explore reimagined virtual versions of previous works.

Unframed (Free)

Marble Land

Image credit to: Devious Technologies

Oculus Go, Gear VR

Devious Technologies

January 30, 2019

Move the marble and get it to its target areas by moving parts in each level. Enjoy slides, ramps, and movable parts to solve the larger puzzle. There are 45 levels to solve and complete, so you’ll have lots to work towards. Bonus: the game isn’t timed, so there’s tons of room for trial and error.

Marble Land ($5.59 to $6.99)

Jelly Beams

Image credit to: BitCake Studio

Oculus Go, Gear VR

BitCake Studio

January 30, 2019

This is a v v v cute chicken, hamster, and creature shooting game for the Gear and Go. Take aim, blast those laser blobs, and then earn higher and higher scores when you hit the jelly monsters. These little guys will come at you in waves or you can practice different skills with two different modes.  

Jelly Beams ($4.99)

Early Access VR Games

Hollow Remnant

Image credit to: Trinity Experiences

Oculus Rift

Trinity Experiences

January 30, 2019

This is an action and survival game that has enemies that take a page out of the horror genre. In Hollow Remnant’s trailer, they show luminescent dual crossbows, bow and arrow, a shield and sword, and a gun of some type for the possible weaponry in the game. Because this is an early access title, they note that they plan to add more weapons, map sections, boss fights, and other aspects.

Hollow Remnant ($9.99)

Walk on Arrow

Image credit to: Chesstar

Oculus Rift


January 30, 2019

Pluck opposing players from their leaps and hiding spots or maim them with steel. Walk on Arrow is a multiplayer game with weaponry that can have different attributes. Change out arrowheads and equip various types of bow sets. Use your hook arrow to move around 4 to 5 game modes.

Walk on Arrow ($9.99)