Welcome back to Reality Technologies! This is our weekly VR Games Spotlight, where we pick out games that will pique your interest. We’ve got 4 Full Release VR Games and 1 Early Access VR Game to keep you up to date with what’s fresh in the VR universe.

This week we have VR games that will turn you into a death defying archer and a space pirate. There’s a title for horror fans to get jump scared, an escape the giant and play as the giant game, and at last, an adventure game with two perspectives.

Full Release VR Games

In Death

November 27, 2018

Archer’s get your bow and arrow ready and steady, In Death is finally released for PSVR. This is a dungeon crawling, rouge-like, archery VR game that takes place in a demented version of the afterlife. There’s knights, monks, and soul sucking demons awaiting you around every corner. If you’re a fan of dying, respawning, and starting over and over again, you’ll really want add it to your collection of permadeath games.

In Death ($23.99 to $29.99)

Space Pirate Trainer

Credit to: i-illusions

November 27, 2018

Become a space pirate! Not the kind that say “ARRRR!” (although we do suggest it); the kind that fights droids in space. Switch between guns, lasers, lasso, shield (its behind you), and other gadgetry to blow apart droids or send them crashing down. There are various modes, weapon arsenals, and swarms of flying droids, so stay quick on your feet and rise up the leaderboard.

Space Pirate Trainer ($11.99 to $14.99)


Credit to: Fallen Planet Studios

Fallen Planet Studios LTD
November 27, 2018

Follow the open doors throughout AFFECTED: THE MANOR. Walk around a boarded up and clearly haunted mansion in this horror experience. Get ready for some jump scares, lots of creepy music, shadows, dark rooms and hallways, growls and whispers. It’s enough to scare the headset right off of you. Share this game with scaredy cat friends to see them jump in terror.

AFFECTED: The Manor ($7.99)

Jake and the Giant

Credit to: MoonShine Games

Oculus Rift
MoonShine Games
November 30, 2018

This game uses asymmetrical local multiplayer for a VR (headset and controllers) and PC player (uses handheld gamepad controller). One player plays as the gold grabbing and stealthy Jake, while the other player becomes the Giant. Hide behind objects, climb out of reach, and don’t get caught by the Giant. He’ll be flinging toxic goo arrows or or trying to club you to death so, escape with gold and get outta there!

Jake and the Giant (Click the link for price.)


Early Access VR Game


Credit to: SANBAE

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
November 30, 2018

What’s awaiting you through the LOST CAVE? Find out when you and a stranger explore a mysterious cave full of historic relics. You’re not alone in this lair, there’s also a Demon Lord waiting you to find it. Fight it and try to escape from being trapped in its clutches. This game is played in the third and first-person viewpoint so you’ll see things from above and at the ground level.

LOST CAVE (Click the link for price.)