Welcome to Reality Technologies weekly VR Games Spotlight! This week the metaverse has a mix of Full Release VR Games and Early Access VR Games for players to plunge into. There’s a puzzle game, a robot arena slasher, a combat game, out of this world educational experiences, and a gaming throwback!

Full Release VR Games

Temple of Aluxes

Oculus Rift
Silver Machine Studios
October 31, 2018

VR sleuths and detectives that have a knack for piecing together puzzles will enjoy Temple of Aluxes. Scan voxel objects and the ancient temple to hunt for clues around the old temple to become a master puzzle solver but also to escape! This game uses out of the box thinking and skill to solve.

Temple of Aluxes ($7.99)

Hardlight Blade

Credit to: RJdoesVR

Oculus Rift
October 31, 2018

Jump into the arena and slice a few robots in Hardlight Blade. Use dual electric neon swords, throwing axes, and other sci-fi weapons as you hack away the bots space bullets and rockets. Before you maim swarms of robots make sure you customize your weapons to some electrifying colors!

Hardlight Blade (Free)

Hold The World

Credit to: Sky UK and Factory 42

Oculus Rift
Sky UK Ltd and Factory 42
Sky UK Ltd
November 1, 2018

Join your virtual guide, Sir David Attenborough, as he accompanies you through London’s Natural History Museum’s collection of fascinating objects. Hold historical items and specimens that are usually roped off away from visitors. Expect dinosaurs, creatures, artifacts, and a hands-on VR experience at home that can’t be duplicated.

Hold The World ($3.99)

WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience

Credit to: Space Telescope Science Institute

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Space Telescope Science Institute
October 31, 2018

The Space Telescope Science Institute is launching the wonders of space right to your headset with their new WebbVR experience. Get a front-row seat to the universe’s most beautiful planets and galaxies, and even cooler telescopes. If you’re a fan of NASA, space, technology, and exploration this learning experience is for you.

WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience (Free)


Early Access VR Games

Sky Brawl

Credit to: Rarebird Studio

HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
Rarebird Studio
October 29, 2018

Protect your fortress in the sky using long and short range weaponry in Sky Brawl. Use a magic,  a steel sword, a crossbow, and other melee and explosive weapons to fend off the Skeleton Knight’s evil infantry. Protect crystals at all costs by attacking high above the action or at ground level.  

Sky Brawl ($19.99)

Tetris Effect: Weekend Trial Demo

Credit to: Enhance Games

Enhance Games
November 1, 2018

Out of the vault comes Tetris, I mean Tetris Effect. The old school block puzzler is reimagined for VR. This version of the game takes the same mental skill to flip, position, and clear room for more pieces. This game has lots of vivid and beautiful themes and backdrops surrounding it. Not bad for a free to play over the weekend demo!

Tetris Effect: Weekend Trial Demo (Free)