There is hardly an industry that has taken AR more readily than furniture retail and design. The initial Marxent Cloud 3D Room Designer changed the game for retailers and shoppers alike. Building on this success, the new VR 3D Room Designer adds the novel Photo to FloorplanTM feature. Marxent delivers the 2.0 version of its tool enabling the VR visualization of furniture prior to buying decisions.

While you were sleeping, VR grew up’ claims Marxent CEO and Co-Founder Beck Besecker, Today its influence spreads across niches also finding expression in marketing and design. Marxent’s new VR 3D Room Designer combines the two into a highly functional system of virtual retail showroom. The patent pending Photo to FloorplanTM feature prompts potential buyers to set up their room, and then see in Virtual Reality, how a new piece of woodwork fits in. 3D Room Designer 2.0 version also comes with multiple performance improvements to the original formula. It is already in full swing with a number of retailers, the likes of Macy’s and American Woodmark among them.

‘Shopping from photos has proven to be a much better reflection of how customers want to shop’. ‘We’re taking it a step further’ Besecker admits the power to the VR visualization in furniture retail. And true enough, it is effortless yet highly functional. Shoppers will appreciate the fact that they are getting a realistic viewing of their kitchen or cabinet, with no waiting in line or anything more complex that clicking the ideas into a program. And the average 3D Room Design session doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, with much higher sale conversion rates. ‘All beauty, no waiting’ punctuates Besecker.

VR is Coming Home: 3D Room Designer Enables Virtual Showrooms

3D VR Room Designer is a VR extension of Pinterest, Houzz, and Snapchat idea of photo e-commerce. Users can see a catalogue image that they find particularly favorable. Tapping the image of a desired item, they transfer its 3D model into a pre-arranged floorplan of their room. After the 3D designing bit is over, users can transport into a 360 VR model of their room. The number of items they can add into Photo to FloorplanTM is not capped, though 27 is the current highest number. It is the future of furniture commerce no doubt.

3D VR Room Designer creates personalized showrooms to help buyers make a proper and  more informed decisions. Numbers show that the Photo to FloorplanTM feature inclusion increased engagement in terms of time spent. Twice as much time, to be precise, is the PtF to digital catalog time engagement. Other numbers suggest that returns have dropped by a whopping 80%, while average basket also marks a significant increase of 50%.

‘It’s changing the retail footprint’ Besecker opens up on VR. As far as retailing goes, Virtual Reality is overgrowing physical limitations to personalized presentation. It makes the isles endless, and the showrooms unequivocally personal. Given the fact, it is safe to assume that 3D VR Room Designer will be a huge hit with the shoppers and sale associates. It simply cannot help but to.