Vuzix is aiming both high and low with their line of Augmented Reality glasses. Having rolled out their top of the line enterprise product, the company now focuses on offering a more consumer AR service. And what better way than hooking up with AccuWeather to give the most comprehensive AR weather feature to date.

There is just nothing wrong here. Two rising companies join forces to give users something they lacked. In AR’s ever present mission to one day replace mobile phones as primary information hub, users will be able to check the weather on the fly. The AR weather feature is not yet ready; the news is confirmed that demo is up during Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and will debut on Vuzix Blade eyewear.

Vuzix, naturally, are full of praise for their new feature. Praising AccuWeather as being one of the ‘most trusted and recognized weather brands in the world’ Vuzix President and CEO Paul Travers duly notes: ‘we are excited to be partnering with AccuWeather to deliver localized digital weather content and information… for users at home and on the go, across the globe, wherever they are’. The AR weather feature will act as an AR feature does, by delivering overlaid info onto AR screens.  

It is easy to see the benefits of such an advanced weather info setup. First, it eliminates the necessity to check your phone every now and again, which is in itself a good thing. It would also prove invaluable for travelers who need a quick fix of forecast prior to their flight. And all of it without ever needing to juggle the luggage in search of a mobile. Finally, the feature would help prepare for trips better.

The praise AccuWeather got from Vuzix is not vain. Indeed, the weather forecast company has been the largest growing business in the industry for some time. Current number of people who enjoy their local and localized weather forecast has risen to 1.5 billion people. Much of it has to do with unparalleled precision, courtesy of AccuWeather’s very own Superior Accuracy technology. The company was equally thrilled to partner up with Vuzix, ‘an innovator and category leader in AR smart glasses’, according to AccuWeather President Steve Smith. ‘We will deliver up-to-date weather forecast and tools needed to help users prepare and stay prepared for a truly personalized and intimate weather experience on a level that only AR can provide’. Very kind from Mr. Smith, we must say.

This is not the first time weather is getting an overhaul. The Weather Channel’s horrifically realistic MR disaster depiction still haunts the memory. Though worlds apart in delivery, the combined AccuWeather Vuzix AR weather feature brings us step closer at being a step ahead of a potential mishap. The feature will debut as part of ‘A Day in the life with Blade’ Vuzix booth content at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. Following the demo, we expect the feature to arrive to Vuzix Blade in the early 2019. It’s the one worth waiting for.