That is what we call a step in the right direction. Two companies teaming up to build something greater than themselves. WaveOptics has secured partnership with Wistron, both in endless pursuit of creating the definitive Augmented Reality device. But the duo has a card rolled up their sleeve – the WaveOptics waveguides.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the current/next big thing in AR device development, WaveOptics are not taking things slowly. Their waveguide technology is de facto a superior AR module. In possession of the industry golden egg, the company’s next move to push it out to consumer market. And what better way than to hook up with Wistron, a global Technology Service Provider of some repute. Partnerships of this sort are made with only one thing in mind – to deliver the goods.

And the goods are worthwhile. WaveOptics made the name with its Waveguide diffractive optics tech. Built to offer greater AR immersion, the WaveOptics waveguides are capable of extending the FOV to 40 degrees, while keeping the image crisp as ever. They work by directing the light right into your eyes, with no image distortion to speak of. The waveguide technology is highly versatile in terms of size of devices they power. It is small and light devices that shine with it. Waveguides are also highly customizeable. The target market for these sort of devices is therefore as wide as they come, encompassing industrial, enterprise, as well as consumer market.

Both companies exchanged their cordial comments, being equally formal in praising the other. David Hayes, the WaveOptics CEO, noted first that AR market is spreading at fast pace, and that the need for more comprehensive technological solutions is greater than it ever was. Then comes the due praise: ‘Wistron has significant experience in designing leading consumer electronics devices’. Having the tech is only half a glass, they need someone to push the WaveOptics Waveguides out there: ‘This (Wistron’s) expertise will be key in development of AR Wearables, to achieve a consumer ready form factor that the industry is waiting for’

Equally affectionate was Jeff Lin, the Wistron President of Computing Products Group. His company has recognized the potential AR wearable game-changer: ‘The partnership with WaveOptics supports our plans to integrate leading value-added technology into our industry changing products. The WaveOptics Waveguides for AR wearables will allow us to enhance our services and will enable us to better support our clients’. Things certainly look good for the new technology, especially considering the following Lin words: ‘We expect waveguides to be incorporated into a range of devices’.

And all of it in pursuit of making AR immersive as ever. Whereas VR is immersive by virtue of it being, well, VR, Augmented Reality has struggled to earn the label. Sure it is getting more immersive by the day, but there is nothing quite like diffractive waveguides for enhanced immersion. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of, and through the WaveOptics waveguides.