An American based e-commerce company Wayfair selling goods for homes for the very first time unveils the first mixed-reality shopping experience on Wednesday 8th August 2018. The special computing web browser program will help the customer to virtually place the shopped items in their home to get a clearer vision of that product which they are going to purchase. The mixed reality shopping program is said to be created by ‘Magic Leap’ which is a U.S based startup company that works on a head-mounted virtual retinal display.

According to the company’s official press release, before ordering any product customers can have a clearer view of their orders on Magic Leaps extensible browser based on web sittings inside their own house. Customers can place the things virtually in the home which will give them an idea to choose the product for their home built with dreams.

Instead of going with pro-edition of Magic Leap One headset consumers can purchase Creator Edition and use the feature of placing household objects in the area they want it to be placed. Upon activation of the headset, people can feel like as if they are shopping inside the mall and can regulate the number of products that need to be purchased.

Magic Leap has now joined a community to introduce an innovative idea and plan for other various innovative mixed-reality based products to sell in the market. Now with the tie-up with Wayfair, the king of home goods has made an augmented reality shopping experience with the use of virtual technology mentioned Steve Conine the co-chairman and co-founder of Magic Leap.

Earlier people have to go to the shopping mall and finalize the product. Further, they buy that product and wait for the dream home to come to reality. Now after the emerging technology for placing things virtually consumers will have a real shopping experience from home. There will be less chance of returning the orders to Wayfair from the customer. Wayfair with the release of its mixed-reality program has taken home designing one step further.

Wayfair has already worked hard on various emerging technological products. It has also made a partnership with the leader of social media organization Facebook to build 3D images to satisfy their customer and to add colors to their shopping. Prior to the year 2018, Wayfair remains the first to have a partnership with Facebook for 3D image posting.

Last year Wayfair also introduced an augmented reality app for Apple mobile devices by joining hands with other furniture retailers such as, Houzz, and As the demand of the customers increased it made them bound to launch the Android version too.

There are very few retailers who can test things of excellent innovative ideas. As the days are passing Wayfair is taking more into the web field for its progression of selling different types of furniture. Pieces of furniture are placed online for the customers to purchase instead of coming to the mall and shop. As far as the customers are benefited from the technology one can expect a bright future for the company ahead.