The new Wreck-It Ralph film Ralph Breaks the Internet hasn’t hit theaters yet (Nov. 21st!) and it already has an AR game! Moviegoers and fans of the film that can’t wait that long to play it must download the Noovie ARCade App on iOS and Android to see the AR mini-game in action.

Noovie ARCade App News

In movie trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope travel to the Internet where memes, search hubs, online shopping, and of course mobile games live. Ralph comes across the game Pancake Milkshake Café, where the goal is to feed, you guessed it, stacks of pancakes to the bunny and loads of milkshakes to the cat.

Noovie’s ARCade app game is based on one of the Disney films funny trailers. Simply download it and scan the marker on the big screen. Or, AR Tip: Don’t wait until November 21st for the film to premiere. There’s actually a loophole that allows you to scan the image below and play the game right now!

“Disney has been our premiere Noovie studio from the beginning, and we’re thrilled to work with them to break new ground in augmented reality gaming,” said Rick Butler, NCM chief digital officer, in a statement given to Tommy Palladino from Next Reality.

Butler shares that fans are getting a top tier AR experience with Disney, Noovie, and National Cinemedia as partners. He says, “The unique environment of the movie theater is perfect for a shared AR experience”. He hints that “this is just the beginning of the fun new movie-related games that audiences can expect at their local Noovie theater.”

Playing The Wreck-It Ralph AR Mini Game

Download the app and scan the image to play Wreck-It Ralph’s Pancake Milkshake CaféCredit to: NCM

I tested this out myself and can confirm that it works and is a really great mini-game! Once Noovie is downloaded, the Wreck-It Ralph (Ralph Breaks the Internet) game gives the option to use the camera or location. Give approval and then hold your phone out towards the screen for the game to pop up.

On each side of the screen is a milkshake or pancake button. Tap them so kitty and bunny heads eat the desserts. Use the reticle in the center to aim and eat those sweets on the table! Tap quickly and accurately to get a Novice, Pro, or Master level score. You can even add your 3-digit initials to secure your score and brag about it on social media!

Playing Pancake Milkshake Café is a fun mini-game that’s playable right before trailer time and any time you’ve got spare time. I can definitely see myself playing this game because one, it’s cute, and two, I wanna get that Master score and fill up all those stars. Don’t you?

Noovie’s AR Games

In October, the scariest month, Noovie ARCade released a Noovie Halloween Experience that projected an undead character and flies crawling all over mobile phones. There were 3 other mini-games — Cineinvaders, Emoji Escape, and Kernel Cannon games that delighted moviegoers pre-show. Head over to their website (link above) to see more!