WRLDS is bringing toys to life with their Augmented Reality enabled Smart Ball. The smart toy for kids and tweens and even adults who are kids at heart is opening up the window to their software development kit. Developers working in AR application development now have a free and beginner-friendly SDK to create the next WRLDS app.

WRLDS SDK and Developer Community

The Bluetooth connectivity of the elemental and bouncy smart ball allows the toy to interact with AR apps. Their debut “Water Soul” ball is the first of 4 elemental characters. The next three characters — Fire, Earth, and Wind don’t have a release date yet, but will hit the WRLDS site soon.

Currently, the Google and Apple compatible Smart Ball has 4 games United, Splash, Squeesh, and Souls that active kids and adults can bounce around and play games in the real world. Developers, coders, and gamers who create games with the free SDK “can also be musicians and athletes”, the CEO quips.

Springing along to state that “the WRLDS platform bridges this space between gaming and real-life passions and interests,” said WRLDS co-founder and CEO Felix von Heland. The Splash video demos how to play the game and how players color worlds as they walk around their neighborhoods.

“We are here for the developers, not the other way around. We want to develop with them, and we want their feedback, ideas and thoughts.” Mentioning that creating a new game, “means [developers] are very likely to get downloaded by everyone who’s purchased a WRLDS ball, so developers can see their creations out in the world.” states von Heland.

The WRLDS developer community wants digital innovators to create the game’s next catch-fire and fun to play app. Developers with new concepts and ideas for the AR app can be completely sure that WRLDS games are a first-of-a-kind and are completely unique.

Create AR Games

Credit to: WRLDS

With a 70% bounce rate and made of lightweight “Moon Foam”, one of the bounciest balls on the planet, the Smart Ball has lots of game and action potential for its users and developers. Its accelerometer tracks movement, bounces, and impact, as the Nordic Semiconductor chip and sensors pair with Bluetooth and mobile devices.

Their interactive games, United, Splash, and Squeesh not only have real and digital cross-play but are also open for a redesign to transform them into new games with the SDK. Right now, the apps create art, make silly fart sounds, and gets Smart Ball users to compete in gameplay with physical movement.

App developers with game ideas that get players moving, tapping into creativity and sound creation must get the SDK. Imagine a Smart Ball game with 4 players battling with each other as the game takes place in a park or backyard. Create new sounds, get players to throw the ball, or make the teamwork on an adventurous objective to work towards a goal.

The first 20 games that use the WRLDS SDK will be placed on the WRLDS website Wall of Fame. “When I was a little kid, all of the games were about how hard or how fast you could throw. Now there’s hardware inside of a ball that can track how hard or how fast you are throwing.”

Lastly adding, “That was intriguing,” said Anton Eklöf, creator of the game titled United. “I wasn’t a game developer before, but WRLDS made it easy to get started.” The SDK is now free for all developers!