WRLDS Smart Ball is an example of a surprising smart toy trend that’s popping up in the Augmented Reality (AR) sphere. Built with connectivity to AR and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), smart toys like WRLDS Smart Ball, are now bouncing into our digital checkout cart, onto wish lists, and gift lists for kids and techie tweens.


The WRLDS Smart Ball is made out of a rubbery material called “Moon Foam”. The foam is so bouncy that the smart toy is called, “One of the bounciest balls on the planet”. The foam created by Waboba has a bounce return rate of 70%. Bounce it off the floor, the wall, and go outside with it. 

The smart ball is lightweight and bounces off the walls and floors with components like an accelerometer, antenna, and a Nordic Semiconductor chip inside it.

The bouncy material also surrounds an encapsulated CPU with sensors that link to its app on mobile devices. The WRLDS Smart Ball games are downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store for free and the ball costs $39.99.

WRLDS Smart Ball Characters

WRLDS release of their first smart ball, “The Water Soul”, is also the first release of the ball’s character. “The Water Soul” is their first AR-enabled toy with elemental characters like Fire, Earth, and Wind releasing shortly after.

Similar to other smart toys on our radar, WRLDS “Ancient Souls” characters will also have unique traits. Each is created to have a specific face with expressive temperaments that matches their wise, strong, empathic, and vicious dispositions. Their first group of “Ancient Souls” smart balls are limited editions but will also reveal new characters over time.

Go Outside and Play!

WRLDS smart ball
Credit to: WRLDS

Smartphones and devices with Augmented Reality capabilities have the power to bring characters into the real world with just an app as a viewer, controller, and gaming platform.

Bouncing a ball indoors is fun, but with map-based games, events, and colorful augmented visuals, being outdoors on an adventure in art, AR gaming, and a little ruckus is the place to be.

The Google and Apple compatible app has 4 free games called United, Splash, Squeesh, and Souls. United is a multiplayer game where fast reflexes and coordination are real-world skills the game’s players need for victory. While Splash uses a map for gameplay to display taken over AR “wrld” areas with their smart ball.

Looking for a healthy and humorous toy for your child or tween to fidget with? Squeesh is a game that’s all about bouncing the ball to make fart noises. Souls is a game where characters battle each other, dine on souls and gain power by being leveled up and picking up gear. 

“The WRLDS team is looking to leverage mobile gaming as the solution to today’s tweens getting too much screen time and not enough physical activity,” added von Heland. “One of our core missions as a company is to get kids outside moving around. This smart ball is the first in a line of toys that we hope will inspire players to be more active and healthy.”