Makeup artists and beauty vloggers inspire, surprise, and even shock us with makeup tutorials that range from natural to glam to costume level transformations. Whichever way you use makeup Perfect Corp. has an Augmented Reality application that lets makeup wearers see how products look on their face without applying it or wiping it off before they buy.   

Get a Makeover and Then Buy Products With This AR Beauty App

Last week at CES, Perfect Corp. set up their YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam on an AR device for the expo’s guests to try out cosmetics. This AR makeup application scans the face using advanced face detection and tracking.

YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam allows its users to digitally try on a range of cosmetics without all the guess work. Guests pick out eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, eyelashes, lipsticks, and other products and see how it works with their skin tone and personality all without having to apply or take off the products directly.

Makeup lovers view trendy brands and wear the cosmetics on screen before committing to purchasing a bold new lip color, eye shadow, or a foundation shade. The app’s user can even buy the product by ordering it on screen.

The face detection mentioned previously captures over 100 points on the face, which means it sees everything — texture, wrinkles, under-eye bags, skin damage — even with makeup on. It uses the 3D image of your face and provides an analysis of the user’s unique skin tone and needs. Overall, the app helps users find products they want using AI and deep learning algorithms.

At CES, Heather Roetman, director of business development for Perfect Corp. U.S. spoke to Las Vegas Review-Journal. Roetman says that the mobile app YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam can assign your skin a score between 1 and 100. It will also allow you to track how those products work with your skin.

That’s not all — the beauty app also has a way to dye or demo a hairstyle any way users can imagine. Want to test a pastel purple, bright pink, or natural tone without having to make an appointment with a colorist first? Try it out using the app. Want to see what a bob looks like without taking scissors to lovely long locks? Test it before you take the leap.

Award-Winning AR Tech

Companies like Target use their application for their website and recently makeup retailer Ulta became partnered with them as well. Per Perfect Corp.’s news section, publications like Cosmopolitan are also planning on bringing the “virtual try-on experience right into our pages.”

The company recently announced that they had won the 2018 International Innovation Award for the YouCam Makeup platform and apps. “We are honored to be recognized by Enterprise Asia as the 2018 International Innovation winner,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp.

Digitally trying on beauty products before you buy them will save money on returns and testing a new haircut on the app is a trend that will likely lead to more happy hairstyles and word of mouth recommendations.